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Uims Hero

Intelligent urology software that works harder & smarter, so you can focus on the important things.

Stay more connected & secure with Dornier UIMS. Our latest UIMS is the next big step in a line
of constant improvements and we cannot
wait to show you what we have planned.

Seamless Connectivity

Superior Imaging

Swift Reporting

Advanced Cyber Security

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Work Smarter

with a seamless integration of your device & hospital workflow.

Adopt the global standard for communication & management of medical images & related data.

Easy scheduling

Eliminate extra work by easily scheduling and managing patients through your hospital network

Store and retrieve

Save medical images on your hospital server/PACS and retrieve them at will

Share images

Save and share medical images using a USB thumb drive within your facility and with patients

Note what is important

Mark, comment on and perform measures and area calculations on medical images

Auto compliance

Automatically generate, save, and share regulatory compliant radiation dose reports

Before Optivision
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Work Clearly

by identifying what is important.

OptiVision™ is the only one-click image optimization software tailored for urologists.
Learn more about OptiVision here.

One-click operation

Minimizes noise while maximizing details automatically in one-click

Layered output

Works without overwriting original image data, ensuring a backup option

Better contrast

Recovers details from very dark & bright regions

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Work Better

with easy reporting and data on your fingertips. Have the data when and how you want it.

Reporting made easy with ADPM

Easy documentation of patient and treatment data & customizable reports that suit you and your hospital’s needs

Quick extraction of treatment data with ESWL Export

Effortlessly extract treatment data from your device in a safe & secure manner and perform analysis for clinical studies & much more

Doctor Extended
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Work Secure

Tailored to your needs with our optional Advanced Security Package.

Customizable security profiles

Easily configure different security profiles & authentication settings as per your needs

Audit Logging

Have eyes everywhere by always knowing who accessed your system and when

PC Hardening

Protect your system against attacks from the outside world with firewall

Active Directory Authentication

Set strong user group policies and allow only authorized users to gain access to your system

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