Dornier Relax Endo

Dornier Relax+Endo

The Dornier Relax+Endo is engineered specifically for ESWL and endourology.

The support system prides itself on its adaptability. The Relax+Endo is able to fit seamlessly into just about any urological system.

The Relax+Endo is the essential support for agile, adaptive and active urology.

The Relax+Endo at a glance.

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Relax+endo Flatlay

Adaptive. Active. Agile.

The Dornier Relax+Endo is engineered specifically for ESWL and endourology.

The support system prides itself on its adaptability; being able to fit seamlessly into just about any urological system.

The Relax+Endo is the essential support for agile, adaptive and active urology.

Staggering compatibility.

The Dornier Relax+Endo is versatile enough to support third-party C-arms, including those that use Flat Panel Detectors (FPDs).

The table is also flexible enough to support quick procedures such as diagnostic cystoscopy and DJ stenting.

Relax+endo Sigma
Relax+endo Delta3
Relax+endo Lithotomy

Please note: Endourological procedures should only be performed in accordance with the intended use of the main medical device.
Please check the operating manual of the main medical device (e.g. Delta III)

Midsection options.

Double Cut-out

Relax+endo Single Cut

Single Cut-out

Relax+endo Double Cut

Each of the cut-out options have the correct anatomical position in relation to the perineal table end. The cut-outs are removable inserts that can be re-inserted when required.

Now drip-proof.

Endourology is often wet. So we made the Relax+Endo IPX2 drip-proof, even when tilted, so it’s safe from water damage, especially during endourology.

The table allows you to focus on treating stones without worrying about fluids leaking into the circuitry.

The IPX2 rating means that the device is fully functional when tilted to 15° and exposed to dripping water

Relax+endo Water Proof

Dornier UroTilt.

A feature unique to the Relax+Endo, enabling the table to tilt in both isocentric and non-isocentric axes.

Having the best of both worlds gives you unparalleled flexibility to the urology team and optimal comfort to the patient.

Tilt Iso


(pivoting at the pelvis)

This means of tilting makes it easier for the urologist to rotate around the pelvis  area, reducing patient strain and pelvis movement during rotation.

Tilt Noniso


(pivoting at the head)

This means of tilting minimizes head movement, making the anesthetist’s job easier whilst maximising patient comfort.

Why you need a carbon fiber midsection.

Relax+ Endo Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is strong and radiolucent

The Relax+Endo is the only urological patient table on the market that uses carbon fiber, a state-of-the-art material known for its strength and radiolucence.

Compared to tables with metal interfaces (typically not radiopaque), a radiolucent midsection leads to better operator safety and imaging.

Midsection Metal Vs
Operator Safety

Safer for operators

We often think about reducing radiation exposure to the patient, but tend to overlook the operators’ exposure to scattered radiation, which is reflected off the radiopaque elements in the patient table (and the patient body).

The radiation exposure is compounded by the fact that operators use these machines on a day-to-day basis.

Carbon fiber’s radiolucence means less scattered radiation compared to other tables with radiopaque elements in the midsection.

Smoother imaging workflow

Tables with radiopaque elements might require specific patient positions for unblocked imaging, as these elements might cut-off parts of the image. With the Relax+Endo, the radiolucence of carbon fiber gives you much more freedom on patient positioning during imaging.

Portable and modular

Dornier Relax+ Endo Man Push
Dornier Relax+ Endo Modular

The table’s mid-sections and extensions are easily exchanged due to the system’s modular design and carbon fiber extensions.

The unrestricted mobility of the Dornier Relax+Endo also allows the table to be easily transported with or without a patient.

The brake pedal on the side can be set to 3 different configurations:

  • Straight forward/backward movement
  • Free movement
  • Completely stop (zero movement)
Relaxendo Brake En

Ergonomic hand control

Relax+endo Remote Control

The simple-to-use hand control facilitates precise patient positioning for treatment. Easily adjust table movement and travel speed. The zero position is ideal for lithotripsy and the hand control can store three additional table position presets for a customized, efficient workflow.

Optional accessories:

Relax+endo Flatdelta3
  • I.V. pole
  • Arm board with gel pad
  • Multi axis foot pedal
  • Shoulder support
  • Head extension
  • Compression belt
  • Body strap
  • Arm & leg restraints
  • Positioning wedge
  • Bolster
  • Pediatric ESWL insert
  • Orthopedics kit

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