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Why OptiVision


A Dornier’s exclusive for Delta® III series

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Impressive clarity in difficult cases

Optimizes suboptimal imaging in challenging clinical scenarios involving obese patients, intestinal gas, or bony structure overlays.

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Clear imaging of stone disintegration after treatment

Facilitates effective follow-up treatments and diagnoses through better verification of procedure success.

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More details without additional radiation exposure

Enhances captured X-Ray images in both Fluoroscopy (Last Image Hold) and Snapshot without further exposure to radiation.

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Balanced presentation of tissue & bone structure

Further refines visual information by using intelligent image processing software to analyze noise, brightness, and contrast levels.

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One-click Operation

With just one click, OptiVision® automatically minimizes noise while maximizing details.

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Layered Output

OptiVision® works without overwriting original image data, ensuring a backup option.

See it to believe it

Better confirmation on fragmentation status

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Removing distractions

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Clarity even in obese patients

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Clarity through abdominal gas

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Images were taken through an image intensifier and enhanced by OptiVision®.
OptiVision® is available as an optional add-on to the Dornier UIMSTM, which is offered in combination with the Dornier Delta® III series.

Significantly greater confidence


Confidence in the identification of stones during pre and post ESWL

Our findings demonstrated
that using the specially designed imaging modality OptiVision® was significantly helpful in identifying and localizing stones with
high-quality images before SWL for effective stone disintegration during this procedure1.
1. Sarica, K., Ferhat, M., Ohara, R., & Parmar, S. (2021). Importance of precise imaging for stone identification during shockwave lithotripsy: a critical evaluation of “OptiVision®” as a post-processing radiography imaging modality. Urolithiasis. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00240-021-01284-0

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