Dornier Workstations Nautilus treatment table
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Revolutionary Design,​ Unrivaled Flexibility ​& Procedural Versatility

Urology's Finest

Offers the flexibility and confidence urologists need for all kinds of urological treatment and diagnosis procedures, with excellent imaging quality for urology and beyond.

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Nautilus treatment table Youtube preview
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Unrivaled Flexibility

The Nautilus brings you best‑in‑class flexibility for a urology workstation, whether your procedure requires X‑ray or not.

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True 360° table access with free-standing treatment table.​ Unrivaled flexibility through C‑arm parking positions.
Free-standing treatment table
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Flexible C-arm treatment table
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High-resolution imaging from limitless angles with flexible C-arm.

Procedural Versatility

Use the ultra‑versatile Nautilus for procedures in urology and beyond. Perform radioscopy, radiography and diagnosis for urological and non‑urological applications.*

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Urology Applications

Perform the full suite of urological procedures on a versatile Uro Workstation.

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Beyond Urology

Maximize system utilization with a wide spectrum of applications beyond urology.*

*Non-urological applications depending on regional registration and currently not available in the USA.

Revolutionary Design

Design meets functionality in this industry game‑changer. The separation of the X‑ray C‑arm and the treatment table allows a whole new level of movement control and enhanced radiation protection.

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Full-ranged C‑arm and treatment table movements. Independent or with sophisticated synchronization.
Full-ranged treatment table movements
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X-ray tube positioning under treatment table
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Raising new standards in radiation protection through the flexible positioning of X‑ray tube under table.

Extending New Dimensions​

Nautilus urology imaging
Free table accessC-arm parking positionwith 90° swiveling.
21” monitorsEasy access view to monitors from any position; interfacing with additional equipment(e.g. endoscopes, ultrasound).
Accessories shelfThree compartmentsfor surgical equipment.
43 x 43 FPD with SID-hubDetector-to-source flexibility captures KUB (Kidney-Ureter- Bladder) in one shot.
Motorized free-standingtreatment tableIsocentric andnon-isocentric Trendelenburg table tilting.Fully radiolucenttable top made of carbon fiber.
80 kW advanced high frequency generatorHigh efficiency anddistinguished performance.
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Free table access

C-arm parking position with 90° swiveling.

21” monitors

Easy access view to monitors from any position; interfacing with additional equipment (e.g. endoscopes, ultrasound).

Accessories shelf

Three compartments for surgical equipment.

43 x 43 FPD with SID-hub

Detector‑to‑source flexibility captures KUB (Kidney‑Ureter‑Bladder) in one shot.

80 kW advanced high frequency generator

High efficiency and distinguished performance.

Motorized free-standing treatment table

Isocentric and non-isocentric Trendelenburg table tilting.

Fully radiolucent table top made of carbon fiber.

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