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Compact Sigma®

A truly modular lithotripter

Why Compact Sigma®

When combined with other devices, such as C-arms, ultrasound scanners, and patient tables, this device transforms swiftly into a multi-functional urological solution.

Mobile and compact lithotripter for varied treatment needs

Excellent system efficiency for optimized treatment outcomes

Various imaging options for your ideal solution

Mobile and Compact Lithotripter

for varied treatment needs

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Excellent System Efficiency

for optimized treatment outcomes

Dornier’s Electromagnetic Shock Wave Emitter (EMSE) technology

Most clinically proven shock wave technology, a Dornier exclusive1

Offers consistent quality performance with reliable energy output

Flexible therapy head positioning

Facilitates large window of access to various stone locations with 36 therapy head positions

Ensures patient comfort with over- and under-table positions as patients, particularly the elderly and obese, can remain supine throughout the procedures

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Various Imaging Options

for your ideal solution

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Dual imaging option:

The best of both worlds

  • Comprehensive imaging capabilities, with the option of localizing stones using either X-ray or ultrasound imaging, or both simultaneously
  • X-ray stone localization allows fast, initial positioning of the patient, while ultrasound provides real-time information on patient respiration and stone disintegration

Offering a Broad Range of Applications

The Dornier Compact Sigma® can be used for the following indications2:

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)

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Did you know?

The Compact Sigma® can be operated remotely. This decreases exposure to ionizing radiation for users and other healthcare personnel.

1. Data on file at Dornier MedTech | 2. Refer to the Dornier Compact Sigma® Operating Manual for more information. Indications may differ depending on region.

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