Dornier MedTech Announces Presentation of Positive Clinical Data at European Society of Sexual Medicine Congress 2019

February 13, 2019

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 13 February 2019

Dornier MedTech (Dornier), pioneer in creating extracorporeal shock wave technology for urological and orthopedic indications, today announced the presentation of new data from two clinical studies on low-intensity shock waves (LiST) as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at the 21st Congress of the European Society of Sexual Medicine taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 14 – 16 February 2019.

During an oral presentation, world-renowned urologist Professor Dimitris Hatzichristou and his team will discuss new efficacy and safety data collected from 89 patients at the 6-month follow-up sessions of an ongoing randomized clinical trial assessing the impact of varying treatment session frequency and Energy Flux Density (EFD) of the Dornier Aries and Dornier Aries 2 devices. The study showed that the frequency of LiST does not have any impact on the efficacy and safety of the treatment when delivered within 6 weeks without a 3-week break period, and that higher EFD is associated with improved efficacy without safety concerns.

In a second poster presentation, Professor Hatzichristou’s team will present data from a study investigating the safety of treatment with Dornier Aries/Aries 2 in 35 ED patients who were concurrently receiving anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy. The data show that LiST was safe and well-tolerated as a treatment for ED in patients receiving anticoagulation or antiplatelet treatment.

These two collaborative efforts were performed in conjunction with Dornier MedTech and are in line with the company’s strategy to establish a robust set of clinical data on the safety and efficacy of the Aries and Aries 2 devices for LiST treatment.

“We are pleased to announce further positive clinical results from our ongoing studies on the safety and efficacy of Dornier’s Aries devices as treatment options for ED,” said Wong Yau Chung, Head, Dornier ARIES Group. ” As a global leader in urology, we are committed to investing in key clinical research to validate our approaches and deliver more scientifically proven treatment options with optimal outcomes for physicians and patients globally.”

Details of the presentations are below:

Oral presentation:

Title: Low-intensity shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction: 6 months follow-up results of a randomized clinical trial assessing the impact of energy flux density and frequency of sessions
Session: Hormones and medical treatment Ord. Nr: PS-05 Date/Time: Saturday, 16 February, 8:00 am – 9:30 am Location: Room E1-2

Poster presentation:

Title: Low intensity shock waves to treat erectile dysfunction: Is it safe for patients treated with anticoagulants?
Session: Male sexual dysfunction
Date/Time: Thursday – Saturday, 14 -16 February, 9:30 am – 11:30 am Poster Number: 57
Location: Foyer 1 (Floor – 1)

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