International Men’s Health Week: Wessling Gets Educated

Each year in June, International Men’s Health Week is celebrated in several countries to create awareness for health concerns and prevention activities for males. Observers of Men’s Health Week are sometimes seen wearing a blue ribbon as a symbol of their support for the fight against prostate cancer.

In honor of International Men’s Health Week, Global Product Marketing invited Dr. Stefan Buntrock, urologist, andrologist and physician for sexual medicine and a Dornier Aries 2 customer, to speak to our Wessling employees on June 14 about men’s health and preventive medical checkups. Our employees, primarily men, listened attentively to what Dr. Buntrock  had to say.

Dr. Stefan Buntrock

Problems affecting men’s health extend far beyond prostate, kidney and bladder cancer or sexual disorder. In addition to the different preventive checkups for males that can help reduce the mortality risk, e.g., for prostate cancer by 30 percent, Dr. Buntrock highlighted additional health concerns for males resulting from too much weight and too little movement. High blood pressure, diabetes, gout and arteriosclerosis, called metabolic syndrome, can possibly result in strokes or heart attacks. Dr. Buntrock talked about health strategies and recommended the following six meaningful activities to our colleagues:


  1. Don’t smoke.
  2. Drink only small amounts of alcohol.
  3. Manage your BMI < 30.
  4. Eat healthy nutrition with a lot of fiber, vegetables and only small amounts of meat.
  5. Do 150 minutes of moderate endurance training per week plus bodybuilding of the large muscles twice a week.
  6. Go for a preventive medical checkup once per year.


Following the presentation, there was a 45-minute question and answer session.  Thank you to our sales representative Hayko Gazaral for bringing Stefan Buntrock to Wessling!

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