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Dornier MedTech develops innovative and purposeful products designed to serve the needs of global hospitals, surgical centers, teaching universities, private and public urology practices, and mobile providers all across the globe.

Whether you are looking for multifunctional urology workstations, transportable lithotripters, or convenient high-powered lasers, Dornier has a solution for you.

Donrier Delta III

Semi-Integrated Lithotripter

Dornier Delta® III

The World’s Bestselling Lithotripter, the Compact Delta®II, just got better. The Dornier Delta®III offers Powerful IMAGING, Maximized ENERGY, and Enhanced EFFICIENCY to support urologists in relieving kidney stones in patients and improving the bottom line of their business.

APPLAUSE for the Delta III! Click here to hear what this doctor says (we didn’t ask him to rave about it…he did that on his own)

  • Powerful IMAGING: for improved stone visualization.
  • Maximized ENERGY: to treat more stones in more patients.
  • Enhanced EFFICIENCY: for time saving features to serve more patients.


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Dornier Medtech Gemini Leading Urological Device

Fully Integrated Workstation

Dornier Gemini

Dornier Gemini is a premier, fully integrated workstation that provides an unparalleled platform for both lithotripsy and endourology procedures. Equipped with the latest imaging technology, superior open access design, and flexible patient positioning, Gemini is the optimal solution for both urologists and patients.

  • Flexibility: Offers a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities including X-ray, Ultrasound, Endoscopic procedures and lithotripsy
  • Accessibility: Open access design enables patient and urologists comfort while localizing kidney stones and other urological issues.
  • Proven Technology: Integrated with Dornier’s proven shock-wave technology, deliver consistent shock wave output to boost success of non-invasive kidney stone treatments with proper patient positioning.
Dornier Genesis - Urological Work Station - Leading urological medical device

Urological Workstation

Dornier Genesis

Addressing a broad range of applications, Dornier Genesis is an advanced urology imaging system designed with the physician’s office or hospital’s workflow in mind. Full cystoscopy capabilities combined with a 340 kg (750 lb.) patient weight limit and the latest flat panel imaging technology on the market today, makes this an efficient and must have system for a variety of urological exams and procedures.

  • Adaptability: Ideal for both hospitals and large medical centers.
  • Patient Centered: Imaging is easily viewed from a wide variety of angles without having to move the patient.
  • Flexible: Accommodates patients of various age groups, weight range, and handicaps.
Dornier Compact Sigma Non integrated lithotripter a leading urological medical device

Non-Integrated Lithotripter

Dornier Compact Sigma

The Compact Sigma is a truly versatile modular lithotripter. When combined with available options such as C-arms, ultrasound scanners, and a fully motorized patient table this device is easily becomes a complete urological solution.

  • Precision: Designed to revolve around a single focal point, precise alignment of the targeting system is easily achieved.
  • Transportable: No need for a dedicated room, simply wheel the device into a closet or other storage when not in use.
  • Flexibility: Patients are positioned supine for all treatments with the flexible over and under therapy head positioning.
Dornier Compact Delta II - Integrated Station - a leading urological medical device

Semi-Integrated Lithotripter – Delta II

Dornier Compact Delta II

The Dornier Compact Delta II is the world’s best selling lithotripter. Highly effective, this versatile system provides the flexibility necessary for easy positioning and accurate stone targeting. When combined with the Relax+ patient table, this unique system, equipped with an integrated C-arm, is not only used for ESWL, but a wide range of cystoscopy procedures.

  • Adaptable: Integrated with a versatile patient table and flexible therapy head for accurate stone targeting.
  • Clear Imaging: Rich, vibrant views are facilitated with X-Ray or ultrasound imaging technology.
  • Proven: Dornier’s tried and true EMSE technology is the gold standard in shock wave excellence.
Dornier Relax+ Patient Table - a leading urological medical device

Multifunctional Patient Table

Dornier Relax+

Dornier Relax+ is the optimal patient table that gives you the flexibility you need to get the job done. Easily switch between treatment modalities such as endourology and lithotripsy without having to change patient positioning.

  • Lightweight: Carbon fiber tabletop design provides all of the quality and strength you need without adding extra weight to the device when transporting.
  • Versatile: Full range of movements including Trendelenburg and isocentric tilting eliminates the need for constant patient or physician repositioning.
  • Flexibility: Equipped with a radiolucent table top, the Relax+ is excellent for use in imaging procedures
Dornier Medilas H Solvo laser stone management - a leading urological medical device

Laser Stone Management

Dornier Medilas H Solvo

Dornier Medilas H Solvo easily integrates into any OR workflow for the destruction of stones as well as soft tissue interventions in endourology. This 30 W holmium laser provides the power necessary to get the job done all within a compact and transportable system. Equipped with special advanced modes, usability and increased efficiency is optimized. No other device available on the market provides this level of flexibility and versatility!

  • Easy: Programmable settings allow you to quickly choose the treatment mode best suited for the clinical situation.
  • Fast: Simply transported and requiring no warm up time, set-up is quick and efficient.
  • Efficient: Wide range of energy and frequency settings that ensure quick and precise breakdown of any stone.

Click here to watch this video of a ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy procedure using the Dornier Medilas H Solvo.

Dornier Medilas H Uropulse Laser Stone Management - a Leading Medical Device

Laser Stone Management

Dornier Medilas H UroPulse

Among the smallest in its class, the Medilas H UroPulse is a compact holmium laser that is readily integrated into trolleys, racks, or ceiling pendants. This 20 W system is optimally designed for effective stone management and soft tissue applications. The color graphical interface allows the physician to promptly modify the wide range of energy and frequency settings to ensure a quick and precise set-up throughout a variety of surgical settings.

  • Effective: Wide range of energy and frequency settings to ensure quick and precise breakdown of any stone.
  • Ergonomic: Easy to read graphical interface and wireless programmable footswitch provides ergonomic workflow.
  • Convenient: Small and compact desktop design integrates seamlessly to optimize space.
Dornier Fibers - a leading urological medical device

Fibers for Laser Stone Management

Dornier FlexFiber Collection

Dornier offers a broad fiber portfolio with a wide range of sizes and various designs to meet our customer’s needs and preferences. Our fibers are built for precision!

  • Performance Innovation: Intelligent fiber recognition system that optimizes holmium laser performance and overall patient results.
  • Enhanced Focus: Superior technology that efficiently transfers the laser beam within the fiber core to achieve maximum power transmissions.
  • Reliable Durability: Exceptional quartz ferrule design that boosts and extends the effectiveness of your fibers.
  • Tested and Adaptable: 100% of our fibers are quality and performance tested prior to shipment and are available in multiple sizes to fit any scope preference.
Dornier MedTech, a Leading Urological Medical Device Company

Other Products

Over the years, Dornier MedTech has provided a variety of products designed to serve the needs of medical centers across the world. To learn more about our full suite of products, please contact us.