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Being an organization that holds close relationships with partners and healthcare professionals all over the world, the Million Mask Project grew from a ground up initiative by Dornier colleagues in Asia, moved by the danger they saw healthcare workers facing at the frontlines in China, Wuhan, where the virus first hit.

The Start

The Million Mask Project started on 26th March 2020 to provide surgical face masks to healthcare workers in need, masks being the most fundamental and crucial piece of PPE for them to stay safe.

While Dornier MedTech is not a manufacturer of masks or PPE, we have a strong network of global suppliers, solid medical device quality controls, and direct access to hospitals. As the Million Mask Project sprung to life, we were able to utilize our supply and distribution channels to responsibly source and quickly start delivering masks to the hands of healthcare institutions in urgent need of PPE.


One Dornier Family…

Spearheaded by teams in Dornier MedTech Asia, this Global Dornier collaboration quickly expanded with colleagues from all over the world, China, Singapore, USA, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, France and beyond, chipping in to support this project, driven by the single mission to bring masks to where they are most needed.

...In it Together

To date, with joy, we have delivered protective masks to more than 35 institutions in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, USA and Malaysia. The smiles on the faces of our partners, ability to do the right thing and play our part in this global public health emergency continues to inspire our action.

We are proud and committed to making the Million Mask Project a sustained effort. We will continue to support our healthcare workers throughout the battle against COVID-19. We shall deliver as many million masks as needed.

Introducing #MillionMaskProject #AccessProgram

What started as a donation drive with the aim to supply masks to healthcare workers in areas hardest hit by the virus quickly evolved into a second spin-off, the Million Mask Project Access Program, #AccessProgram.
Deliver Masks

#MillionMaskProject #AccessProgram


Dornier lends a helping hand to connect healthcare institutions and partners in need of PPE to reliable sources, at cost.

Are you a healthcare institution in dire need of PPE supplies?

The Trigger

As more healthcare partners in our network reached out expressing their need for PPE beyond surgical face masks, we quickly got acquainted with various grades and varieties of PPE required to protect healthcare personnel at the frontline.

Different from institutions in need of urgent donations, even organizations with funds to purchase PPE were struggling as their suppliers ran out of PPE due to unanticipated surges in demand. Realizing this, our non-profit #AccessProgram was born. Once again, the global Dornier family quickly came together to help non-profit and healthcare providers secure sustained supplies of responsibly sourced PPE.

Mmpaccess Img

With the support of Dornier colleagues who volunteered their time and effort, we have been able to secure certified supplies of surgical masks, FFP2 masks and other PPE like face shields and type 4 gowns.


Not for Profit

Dornier MedTech does not manufacture masks or any other PPE. For the Access Program, we simply contribute our time and international network to support our communities by facilitating access to PPE supplies where gaps in supply and demand endanger or hinder efficient operations of our healthcare partners.

In the spirit of giving, the PPE supplies that we source and provide to non-profit or healthcare facilities are supplied at cost. No amount goes to the Dornier MedTech team that helps procure and oversee fulfilment of PPE delivery through our channels.

We are dedicated to supporting our healthcare workers in this difficult time. We see this as the least we can do.

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