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Dornier taking action to combat COVID-19

With our mission to deliver top quality service, support and solutions to healthcare systems and patients around the world, Dornier MedTech and colleagues from around the world have joined the fight against COVID-19.

Find out how we are supporting healthcare professionals and partners in a world truly undivided.

Dornier Medtech Covid 19 Fight
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masks delivered with more to come

updated 21.04.2020

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The Dornier family races to support frontline healthcare workers as they risk their lives to save others. 

Deliver Masks

#MillionMaskProject #AccessProgram


Dornier lends a helping hand to connect healthcare institutions and partners in need of PPE to reliable sources at cost.


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Dornier Webinar Series

Our thoughts are with all who are affected by COVID-19, especially the healthcare professionals fighting for all of us at the frontline.

We honor the healthcare heroes who gave their lives in the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020.

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Wash your hands

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Don't touch your face

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Stay at home

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