Dornier MedTech Launches New Image Post-Processing Software for Urology to Improve Kidney Stone Treatment Outcomes

Dornier Dgu Launches

Dornier Dgu Launches

Hamburg, 18 September 2019 – Dornier MedTech (Dornier), a global urology company and a leader in kidney stone management, today launched the new OptiVision technology for the Dornier Delta® III at the German Urology Congress (DGU) 2019 in Hamburg from 18-20 September 2019. OptiVision is the first image post-processing software designed specifically to improve stone treatment outcomes. The product will be immediately available in Europe.

Developed in consultation with over 20 leading urologists globally, OptiVision has been designed to provide urologists with clearer stone visualization during extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) treatments. Installed in new Dornier Delta® III, OptiVision processes and enhances images captured from radiography, contributing to improved accuracy for initial stone targeting, providing real-time feedback on the progress of stone fragmentation, and assisting treatment outcome evaluations with precision.

Prof. Dr. Kemal Sarica, EULIS Chairman, Co-Chairman of IAU and Urology, and user of OptiVision, said: “OptiVision greatly improves the clarity of KUB radiography images, providing excellent imaging to improve treatment outcomes. With its help, urologists can now plan ESWL treatments and follow-up with patients more confidently.”

Urological stones vary in size, shape, and density and can be masked by bone structures and bowel gases. Radiology is a commonly used imaging technique in the diagnosis of kidney stones, however low sensitivity and specificity can lead to small stones being missed and some stones being poorly visible. OptiVision uses algorithms to analyze noise, brightness and contrast level of the image, enhances the clarity and removes unnecessary distractions, delivering a sharper result to guide urologists during treatment. The benefits are especially evident in difficult cases such as obese patients, those with excessive intestinal gas or bony structure overlays. Dornier has designed OptiVision with a One-Click feature that enables images to be processed in less than a second.

At the DGU 2019 congress, Dornier is also showcasing Dornier Relax+Endo, a multifunctional patient table designed for ESWL and endourological procedures. Certified as IPX2 drip-proof, the table is safe from water damage especially during endourology, allowing urologists to focus on stone treatment. Its UroTilt feature enables the table to tilt in both isocentric and non-isocentric axes, leading to minimal movement of patients’ bodies during procedures. This will benefit both urologists and anesthetists, provide increased patient comfort, reduced risk of contamination and less downtime.

Georg Frosch, Senior Director, Dornier MedTech, said: “We are excited to launch OptiVision, the first image post-processing software to provide urologists with much-needed clarity in every stage of stone treatment. OptiVision and Dornier Relax+Endo are the latest examples of our commitment to answering urologists’ needs for pioneering technologies and reliable solutions that make procedures easier and more efficient, ultimately delivering improved treatment outcomes for patients.”
Previews of the OptiVision and Dornier Relax+Endo will take place at the Dornier MedTech booth at Hall 4, Stand 415.

Healthcare providers can visit the Dornier MedTech website at or email sales team directly for additional product information and evaluation.

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