The U.S. Stone Belt

Studies have shown that there is a higher prevalence for kidney stones in hotter and wetter climates, and in the U.S., that means the South, also known as the “Stone Belt”. Also contributing to the frequency of kidney stones in the South is the Southern diet: rich in fried foods, mayonnaise, dressings, salty meats, and Read More…

If You Have a Stone, what are Your Treatment Options?

Learn about MET…effective medical treatment that may help you avoid surgery for your stones. MET is focused on using oral drugs/medication to help eliminate, or pass, the stones from the ureters with less pain and complications for the patient, and with a better success rate. This is particularly true for those stones that are located Read More…

An Important Day in Medical History

On February 7, 1980, doctors performed the first ESWL lithotripsy treatment on a patient with kidney stones.  Many procedures later, the treatment proved so successful, that it revolutionized modern kidney stone management.  Based on extensive research pioneered by Dornier MedTech, lithotripsy is now used on 500,000+ kidney stone patients each year. Based on decades of Read More…

Busting Kidney Stone Myths

According to HealthEast’s Kidney Stone Institute, popular myths about the diet and kidney stones aren’t necessarily true. The first? Avoid calcium. Since many kidney stones are made of calcium, it would seem that you should stay away from calcium. Right? Not so. Doctors may treat people with high oxalate (the other ingredient in many kidney Read More…

Dornier MedTech Announces Research Award Grant

Dornier MedTech is excited to announce the selection of our newly-funded urologic researcher: Haiying Li, PhD, whose project is “Identification of Novel Glycan-based Urinary Biomarkers to Detect Children with Vesicoureteral Reflux at Risk for Urinary Tract Infection and Renal Scarring.” As one of the original supporters of the Urology Care Foundation and with the most Read More…

Stones in Your Ureters?

It may surprise you that kidney stones do not always reside in the kidneys, and if you’re reading this, it may be because you have a small stone in your ureter, the “tubes” between the bladder and the kidneys. These stones pose special challenges but there are promising advances in drug therapy—backed by several research Read More…

25 Year Study Proves Effective Treatment

ESWL is a safe and effective method for treating urolithias, as evidenced in a 25-year study of 5,000+ patients. And, stone free rate was significantly better with a Dornier Delta lithotripter than other devices.  The finding? Modern lithotripters combined with intelligent treatment strategies have made SWL a highly safe and effective method for treating urolithiasis Read More…

You Have a Kidney Stone… Now What?

What are your treatment options if you have a kidney stone? What are the pros and cons—is one treatment better than another? And, what is ESWL, or lithotripsy? We present the facts.   Click here to check out our Patient Center.   About Dornier MedTech – Dornier MedTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accuron Medical Technology Read More…

Take a New Look at ESWL

Take a new look at ESWL–the cornerstone of non-invasive kidney stone management for over four decades. Read the collection of summaries of some important peer-reviewed articles published on ESWL.  It’s time to  revisit ESWL.   Click here to Download your e-book on ESWL now!   About Dornier MedTech – Dornier MedTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Read More…

Protect Your Flexible Scope: New Dornier GentleFlex® Holmium Laser Fiber Delivers the Confidence to Glide Through deflected Scopes

Wessling, Germany – 28. September 2016 –Dornier MedTech®, a global medical device company, introduced their latest innovation in laser lithotripsy. Known as the Dornier GentleFlex®, this is a specially-designed ball tip fiber. The Dornier GentleFlex® smooths the passage of the laser fiber through a deflected scope. The Dornier GentleFlex® was revealed at the Annual Congress Read More…


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