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Dornier Medilas


Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 at a glance

Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 is the newest generation stone laser that combines sophisticated and reliable technology with true usability – both resulting from Dornier´s decades of experience in holmium stone laser development. All you need for laser lithotripsy: you get it with the Medilas H Solvo 35. 

  • 35-Watt laser
  • Patented Advanced Mode for reduced retropulsion
  • Preset treatment modes
  • Two displays
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Small, quiet, lightweight and easy to move
  • Large storage compartment for accessories
  • A full complement of Dornier-made laser fibers, available in a range of sizes and designs
H35 Updated

Dornier Application Modes for effective and efficient stone destruction

Choose from several Application Modes to follow your strategy to eliminate the stone. Whether you want to dust or to fragment – there is no need to manually set parameters. Just pick an application mode – energy, frequency and temporal profile of laser emission is adjusted automatically to support your treatment strategy.

Switch in-between Application Modes during treatment without setting the laser back to Standby status.span>


Medilas H Solvo is the only holmium laser in its power class with a dedicated anti-retropulsion technology. With its unique pulse shape, the patented Advanced Mode reduces stone movement during lithotripsy and eases targeting of the stone with the laser fiber, helping to reduce patient treatment time.

Medilas H Solvo 35 comes standard with Advanced Mode. No special fibers are required. Its efficiency benefit comes at no extra costs or logistical challenges.

Wireless foot switch

The foot switch of Medilas H Solvo 35 is wireless, for greater flexibility with no cable length to accommodate and for improved workplace safety.

Two functional side pedals allow for hands-free laser operation by the surgeon independent of OR staff – change of laser status, Application Mode, energy and frequency setting – all can be done via the foot switch.

Information at a glance – even straight ahead

The graphical user interface of the Medilas H Solvo 35 is the most clearly arranged of all holmium lasers you will find. It is limited to relevant information only. Step-by step, clear instructions are given on the bottom status bar.
For improved ergonomics, the treatment settings can be displayed picture-in-picture on the endoscopy monitor or even on an wireless mobile display. An optional 4 axis swifel arm allows a convenient stable fixation directly on the patient table.


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