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Blue Cables

Dornier Flexfiber Collection at a glance

Dornier offers a broad fiber portfolio with a wide range of sizes and various designs to meet our customer’s needs and preferences. Our fibers are built for precision!

Tested and Adaptable: 100% of our fibers are quality and performance tested prior to shipment and are available in multiple sizes to fit any scope preference.

Safety and Efficiency

All fibers for Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 have been developed by Dornier MedTech to perfectly complement our laser system. Perfect coupling of the laser beam into the fiber core minimizes transmission loss.
All Dornier light guides, even thin speciality fibers, support maximum energy settings of Medilas H Solvo 35.

Use in flexible endoscopy

Our 272 μm fiber core light guides are especially flexible and enable full light transmission even in a deflected state.

A special 272 μm fiber with extra-thin cladding combines the best of two design properties: a slim outer diameter allowing the same high flow rates as a 200 μm core fiber, and a large enough fiber core to tolerate high-energy pulse settings (up to 35 Watts).

Dornier GentleFlex fiber enables effortless, time-saving navigation: the ball-shaped fiber tip allows smooth introduction of the laser fiber to reach difficult to access areas even through a deflected scope. The non-traumatic fiber tip design supports reduction of equipment cost and downtime related to endoscope repair.

Economic solutions

A quartz ferrule integrated into the fiber connector protects optical components of the laser to prevent system downtimes. A service-prone blast shield to cover optical components is not required.

Dornier fibers are subject to only little degradation – this has been proven in bench test comparing them to a range of fibers of other brands.

The full range of flat-tip standard fibers are available as single-use or reusable products to meet the requirements of clinic-specific processes.

Dornier SingleFlex™

Disposable fibers for convenient handling and consistent performance.

Dornier SmartFlex™

Reusable fibers with exceptional durability and low fiber degradation.

Dornier HeatFlex™

Reusable fibers with exceptional design withstanding up to 134°C for 18 minutes – helping you to incorporate the highest sterilization standards.

Dornier GentleFlex™

Especially designed for the use with flexible endoscopes. Thanks to its ballshaped tip, this fiber can be inserted in a 180° deflected URS without risking equipment damage.


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