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DORNIER ARIES 2 at a glance

With Dornier Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) solutions, you’ll find that accelerating recovery has never been easier. Our ESWT solutions combines award-winning design together with proprietary technologies so that patients can get relief and comfort as they journey towards living better, living pain-free.

ESWT is a non-invasive, in-office, drug free treatment which requires no anesthesia. Low intensity shockwaves are delivered from outside of the body to an area of discomfort to trigger the body’s own repair mechanisms which initiates natural healing and angiogenesis. It has been used effectively in chronic conditions which may have persisted for years.

An easy to use, effective all-in-one device.

Featuring Dornier’s latest technology, the Aries 2 comprises of:

Aries 2 Rdd

SmartFocus™ technology


The Aries SmartFocusTM applicator which offers the lightest and most ergonomic handling during treatment. It is also the only ESWT applicator on the market with dynamic depth control.

The Aries basic unit – with the first and only fully closed system integrated with KoolShieldTM technology, an automatic rapid air-pocket removal system which also actively cools and protects the EMSE.

This product may not be available in all countries.

Aries2humanscale 1.jpg
Ergonomic Application.jpg

Ergonomic & lightweight

Ergonomically shaped and easy to use applicator that allows easy adjustments during treatment so that you can focus on the patient’s feedback and experience.

Lightest applicator of its class, weighing approximately 500 gram – possibly lighter than your morning cup of coffee!

SmartFocus™ technology

With SmartFocus™, dynamic depth control is now possible. Users have the ability to increase or decrease energy level and penetration depth, at the touch of a button – without the cumbersome exchange of gel pads or add-ons. This provides you with the flexibility to work seamlessly between multiple treatment areas that requires different energy / depth requirements.

Aries Ddc.gif

Koolshield™ technology

No degassing required at all before/during treatment. Air pockets are removed automatically. This results in more efficient energy transmission, thereby delivering better results for patients.

Eliminates all need for periodic water tank maintenance. This means an easy start-up and worry free operation for users everyday, every time- no inconvenience at all!

Actively protects and cools the electromagnetic shockwave emitter (EMSE) resulting in longer applicator lifetime and increased reliability.

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Emse 1.gif
Koolshield Open 1.jpg Koolshield Closed 1.jpg


Aries 2 for Sports and Rehabilitation

Aries 2 for Urology


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