Why Dornier


Science has always revolutionized the way Dornier was able to take flight as an aviation company as well as pioneer new urological treatment methods as a MedTech company. From the beginning we have always understood the importance of designing products that:

  • Serve a medical purpose and whose innovation is backed by scientific data. Help patients and physicians succeed together in order to thrive in their communities.
  • Are easy to use and adaptable to different medical environments.
  • Incorporate the latest technology to gather key data necessary to facilitate fact-based treatment decisions.
  • Are available in robust or compact sizes to accommodate the budgets of all medical facilities.

That same spirit and energy is still found in the halls of Dornier today and our passion has inspired the development of some of the highest quality urology products on the market today. That is why our purpose is Leading Technology * Improving Life, and why so many urologists and medical centers across the world trust Dornier.


Urology Care Foundation™ The Official Foundation of the American Urological Association

Urology Research

As one of the original supporters of the Urology Care Foundation (formerly known as the ‚American Foundation for Urologic Diseases‘ and ‚AUA Foundation‘), Dornier has been partnering with the Foundation for nearly 30 years to support urology research. With a shared vision of advancing patient care, Dornier’s commitment to funding innovative research encompasses a broad range of urologic diseases.
In 1987, Dornier established a $2 million endowment with the Urology Care Foundation for the advancement of urology research and public education. This investment has helped develop the careers of nearly 60 researchers across the United States and Canada, many of who have become leaders in the field.

Year Researcher
2016 Laura A. Mike, PhD
2014 Tomasz Owczarek, PhD
2012 Peter Chang, MD
2009 Ye Sun, MD, PhD
2009 Jun Yan, PhD
2008 Sathish Kasina, PhD
2008 Junqiang Tian, PhD
2007 Laura Perin, PhD
2006 Peter A. Cadieux, PhD
2006 Vitaly Margulis, MD
2004 Liming Jin, PhD
2004 Alexandru Patriciu, PhD
2004 Dev Karan, PhD
2003 Robert Sweet, MD
2003 Brian Titus, PhD
2001 Carlos Bermejo, MD
2001 Rosalyn Adam, PhD
2001 Dumitru Mazilu, PhD
2001 J. Christopher Austin, MD
Year Researcher
2001 David Lee, MD
2001 Victor Miller Brugh III, MD
2001 Ramsay Kuo, MD
2001 Ithaar Derweesh, MD
2000 Brian Auge, MD
2000 Ryan Paterson, MD
1999 Elie Benaim, MD
1999 Ramaiah Indudhara, MD
1999 John Gildea, PhD
1998 John Pope, MD
1998 William Chang, PhD
1997 Mitchell Sokoloff, MD
1997 Mary Josephine Pilat, PhD
1997 Michael Gong, MD, PhD
1995 Edward McGuire, MD
1995 Jeffery Schorey, PhD
1995 Toby C. Chai, MD
1995 James D. Brooks, MD
1994 Joel B. Nelson, MD
Year Researcher
1994 Thomas K. Takayama, MD
1993 Ming T. Chu, MD
1993 Gerald Murphy, MD
1993 William A. Larchian, MD
1993 Gerald J. Matthews, MD
1993 Ajay Nehra, MD
1992 William Boyce, MD
1992 James M. Harris, MD
1991 Alvaro Morales, MD
1991 Thomas Duckett, MD
1991 Steven Bova, MD
1991 Curtis Pettaway, MD
1990 George Drach, MD
1990 Paramjit S. Chandhoke, MD, PhD
1989 Tom Lue, MD
1989 Craig Zippe, MD
1989 Arnon Krongrad, MD
1988 Stanley Bruce Malkowicz, MD
1988 Richard Alexander, MD

Supporting Innovative Research Training

Dornier recently agreed to become the inaugural supporter of a pioneering Urology Care Foundation training program for urology researchers. The new Physician Scientist Residency Training Award Program will provide intensive research training for urology residents to help them develop cutting-edge research and cultivate a long-lasting commitment to funding the next treatment or cure. To learn more about the Urology Care Foundation visit www.urologyhealth.org

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