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Common Misconceptions About Enlarged Prostates by Patients and Physicians

Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), such as excessive night-time urination, are common in older men with enlarged prostates. ​

In an interview with Urology Times, however, Kevin T. McVary, M.D., highlights the prevalence of stigmas surrounding enlarged prostates, and their impact on health outcomes. Fearing a cancer-related diagnosis, patients are avoiding seeking medical attention, resulting in a poorer prognosis and delayed treatment*.​

Prostate health-related stigmas can be difficult to overcome, but urologists can help by enhancing their patient outreach and education efforts!​


Common misconceptions about enlarged prostates by patients and physicians

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Some Patients Believe that Going Vegan May Help with Kidney Stone Management

Veganism has been on the rise for its apparent health and ethical benefits. Numerous stone patients have been converting to veganism in hopes that it will support their kidney stone disease management. However, recent research suggests that vegan diets may actually be detrimental for stone patients!​

Support your patients in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle by informing them about the benefits and risks of going fully vegan. Here is a patient-friendly, digestible article for your vegan stone patients to learn more about:


Fad diets and their effect on urinary stone formation

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Global Warming May Lead to More Kidney Stone Cases

In the U.S, kidney stone incidence has risen from 3.2% in 1980 to 101.% in 2016. Dietary changes and a higher prevalence of diabetes and obesity have been suggested as possible causes, with global warming now added to the list. ​

With the growing needs in kidney stone care, we are committed to delivering disrupting innovations that will support both physicians and patients. ​

Read more: Global Warming Could Heat Up Kidney Stone Rate

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Here’s Why Your Patients Shouldn’t Choose Beer Over Water

Many stone patients believe that beer can help them to pass smaller stones since it is a natural diuretic that increases one’s urine volume. However, beer can also encourage the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, resulting in the development of more kidney stones.​

Drinking beer to ease kidney stone pain is one of the common stone-related myths around. Help your patients by sharing this article with them.

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Do You Know the Extent of Stent Pain that Your Patients Are In?​

In a survey conducted on Worst Pain Ever®, the world’s largest kidney stone patient community, 49% of the respondents indicated that they experience significant stent pain. ​

Similarly, our 2022 Global Urology Survey found that 1 in 3 patients believe that stents are more painful than kidney stones! ​

Read the report here: World Kidney Stone Day 


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