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URS+TM is only available in the United States at this time, includes services provided by our affiliate companies.

Dornier MedTech continues innovating to support every generation of urologists. Introducing URS+TM, a urology Stone as a ServiceTM innovation, powered by Dornier MedTech’s full suite of equipment and consumables.

With a focus on serving ureteroscopy needs, URS+TM aims to deliver greater business value to urologists and medical facilities that extends beyond urology.


Cost savings

Cost savings


Physician autonomy

Physician autonomy


Impactful care

Impactful care

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One Stop​

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One Price​

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One Digital Solution​


Capital equipment​

Full suite of consumables​

Care setting flexibility​

Expert technicians to reduce labor shortage

Accredited mobile lithotripsy service

Access to our newest Thulio® laser​

Achieve more, with One – URS+TM for all your ureteroscopy needs.

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