Dornier’s commitment to

plastic neutrality

Achieving net zero on plastic waste through partnership

Dornier is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing plastic waste in our environment through active partnership with leading organizations that promote plastic neutrality.

As a first step in our nationwide plastic neutral initiative, Dornier has made a
4-year commitment to invest in Project Global Plastic Recycling, with an initial launch in California. The project works to increase recycling capacity, and commits to recycling an equal volume of plastic waste generated by the Dornier AXIS® single-use ureteroscope annually.

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Why Dornier AXIS®

The Dornier AXIS® single-use ureteroscope reduces the costs1 and cross-contamination risks involved in reprocessing reusable ureteroscopes, providing quality care to patients.

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1. Large, T., Rivera, M., Nottingham, C., Agarwal, D., Mellon, M., & Krambeck, A. (2021). Initial experience with novel single-use disposable ureteroscopy: A prospective, single arm 90-day trial of the axis ureteroscope. Urology Practice, 8(2), 196–202.

a new approach to reducing our plastic waste

Dornier is spearheading alternative solutions
to minimize our environmental impact by establishing the plastic neutral partnership.

We are committed to serving every generation of urologists and this is one step in our journey towards reducing our plastic footprint with plastic neutrality.

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