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Introducing the New Delta® III Pro

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Excellent system efficiency for optimized treatment outcomes

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Advanced imaging for
greater clarity

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Smart & connected, for improved procedural performance

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Ergonomic design
for efficient workflow

Excellent System Efficiency

for optimized treatment outcomes

EMSE 180

Most clinically proven shock wave technology1 with a large coupling area and 170mm penetration depth


43% more effective2

with improved energy transmission

Achieves 94.5% stone-free rate3

and shorter treatment duration

Energy needed for effective stone treatment

Without OptiCouple®: 100%

With OptiCouple®: 57%

Total applied shock wave energy (%)

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Delta® III Pro’s best-in-class flexible therapy head provides smooth alignment for under- and over-table positioning and allows easier targeting and treatment of stones in all locations through its 120+ degrees of access.

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Advanced imaging for

Greater Clarity

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Flat Panel Detector (FPD) Technology

Offers clear, sharp images with lower degradation over time

Provides 20% greater field of view compared to 9-inch Image Intensifier

Asset 30advanced Imaging 2.png

Ultrasound Guided ESWL

Performs continuous monitoring and eliminates radiation exposure for patients and clinicians, while allowing detection of any type of stones.

Isocentric ultrasound imaging provides optimal treatment flexibility and imaging quality4

Asset 31advanced Imaging 3.png

Dual Imaging

Complete imaging capabilities, with the option of localizing stones using either X-ray or ultrasound imaging, or both​

Asset 32advanced Imaging 4.png


The perfect image-processing solution for urology​

Delivers sharp stone imaging details, even in challenging clinical scenarios​

Now applicable to Last Image Hold feature in fluoroscopy

Smart and Connected

for improved procedural performance

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Delta® III goes pro with Dornier UIMSTM: an intelligent urology software solution

Ergonomic design for

Efficient Workflow

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OptiMove (with Relax+Endo table) Quick and precise table movements improve accuracy and prevent missing stones A versatile and radiolucent patient table specially engineered for ESWL and endourology
Unified Hand ControlOperates the lithotripter, table, and X-ray C-arm movements, and releases shock waves with a touch of a button
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OptiMove (with Relax+Endo table)​

Quick and precise table movements improve accuracy and prevent missing stones​

A versatile and radiolucent patient table specially engineered for ESWL and endourology​

Unified Hand Control

Operates the lithotripter, table, and X-ray C-arm movements, and releases shock waves with a touch of a button


Let's hear from urologists on our Delta® III series

1. Dornier MedTech’s shock wave technology has the highest number of clinical publications compared to other brands in the market | 2. Tailly, G. G, & Tailly-Cusse, M. M. (2014). Optical coupling control an important step toward better shockwave lithotripsy. Journal of endourology, 28(m), 1368-1373 https// | 3 M. Mohammadi, T. Au, N. Miiz, S. Osswaid, A. Zinti, H. P. Bastian, G. Lummen, St. Josef-Hospital Troisdorf Study Hospital: “The Clinical Experience with the New Dornier Shock Wave Source EMSE 180 for ESWL”, Düsseldorf, 60 Congress of the North Rhine-Westphalian Society of Urology. (April 3-4, 2014) | 4. Macchione, N, Ela, A, Gofrit, O. Pode, D. & Duvdevani, M. (2013). SWL with continuous targeting by ultrasound, are there benefits? European Urology Supplements, 3(12), 51 https:/ 9056(13)61727-3

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