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Thulio Holmium YAG laser

Advanced Thulium Laser with RealPulse® Technology

100 W high power laser
for your stone and BPH treatment needs

300 Hz frequency
and excellent fine dusting capabilities1

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Why Thulio

55% more control* 2 with
Captive® mode

*more control as a result of up to 55% less retropulsion compared to Ho:YAG

7X the peak power* 3
driving an enhanced fragmentation experience

*compared to TFL

3X the speed* and excellent fine dusting capabilities1

*300 Hz vs. 100 Hz (Ho:YAG)

Thulio's RealPulse® technology enabling anatomical endoscopic enucleation of the prostate

Thulium Laser Evolution

Imageasset 15.svg
Continuous Wave Tm:YAG​ Laser

Continuous energy application enables cutting and coagulation performance.

Pulsed Thulium Fiber Laser

Low pulse energies and high frequencies allow dusting performance.

RealPulse® Tm:YAG Laser

Dornier Thulio’s RealPulse® technology offers the highest peak power among other Thulium lasers, used for stone and BPH management3.

ONE laser
for your stone and BPH management needs

Full flexibility and choice, with a large variety of laser settings for your treatment needs.

Mobile Thulio 1.png
Imageasset 14@2x.png
Dusting Mode.png
Fragmenting Mode@2x.png
Captive Fragmenting 2@2x.png
Enucleation Mode@2x.png
Soft Tissue Mode@2x.png

Experience Peak Performance

Thulio Holmium YAG laser
Powerful andcompact laserOffers 100 W with thesmallest footprint*Engineered lightweightand easy to move, witha standard wall plug*among urology and stone / BPH treatment lasers 100 W and above
Ergonomic anduser-friendly displayInteract with easy-to-navigate interfacesupported by the largerotatable touchscreenToggle betweenpre-selected settingseffortlessly with dualfootswitch andsplitscreen function
Smart, dualfootswitchSwitch seamlesslyfrom one pre-definedmode to anotherAdjust parametersettings easily withthe footswitch
Thulio Holmium YAG laser

Powerful and compact laser

Offers 100 W with the smallest footprint*.

Engineered lightweight and easy to move, equipped with a standard wall plug

*among urology and stone / BPH treatment lasers 100 W and above

Ergonomic and user-friendly display

Interact with easy-to-navigate interface supported by the large rotatable touchscreen

Toggle between pre-selected settings effortlessly with dual footswitch and splitscreen function

Smart, dual footswitch

Switch seamlessly from one pre-defined mode to another

Adjust parameter settings easily with the footswitch

1. Petzold, R., Miernik, A., & Suarez-Ibarrola, R. (2021). In Vitro Dusting Performance of a New Solid State Thulium Laser Compared to Holmium Laser Lithotripsy. J Endourol, 35(2), 221-225. | 2. Petzold, R., Miernik, A., & Suarez-Ibarrola, R. (2021). Retropulsion force in laser lithotripsy-an in vitro study comparing a Holmium device to a novel pulsed solid-state Thulium laser. World J Urol, 39(9), 3651-3656. | 3. Data on file at Dornier MedTech

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