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Axis Scope Transparent Min (4)


The Dornier AXIS™ Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope provides every patient a sterile, clean scope with a clear view – every time. Reduce cross-contamination risk and eliminate reprocessing costs with a disposable ureteroscope that helps bring quality care to the next level.

Use the Dornier AXIS™ every time, for a clean and clear scope at an affordable value.

Reduce cross-contamination risk and eliminate reprocessing costs

2.5X more

imaging pixels than other leading single-use scopes

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Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg talks Dornier AXIS™

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Scope Cu Min

Traditional ergonomic look & feel


275 Deflection°

Stop Cock W Marker Min Edit 2 Removebg Min

Only single-use ureteroscope with 2 access ports

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