Dornier MedTech Launches UroGPT™: The World’s First AI Tool Dedicated to Kidney Stone Patients

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SINGAPORE, 30 April 2024– Dornier MedTech, a wholly owned subsidiary of innovative global leader in integrated urology Advanced MedTech Holdings (AMTH), today announced the launch of UroGPT™, a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to support kidney stone patients. This initiative marks a major milestone in the company’s commitment to leveraging digital innovation to empower kidney stone sufferers through patient-first healthcare solutions.

Developed in collaboration with leading urologists, UroGPT™ reflects Dornier MedTech’s dedication to harnessing the latest digital advancements to improve patient care and engagement. The innovative tool provides urology patients with access to on-demand advice and actionable insights that inform and reassure users when navigating the complexities of their condition.

A world-first in urological care, UroGPT™ is the latest Dornier Digital Urology offering, alongside Worst Pain Ever® and the WPE Wellness™ program. With more than 450,000 members, Worst Pain Ever® is the world’s largest, fastest growing and most engaged kidney stone patient community. Through its personalized coaching program, WPE Wellness™, Worst Pain Ever® aims to empower patients with access to verified medical information and community support, helping them make better decisions for their health and well-being. Developed with both patients and urologists in mind, UroGPT™ can also assist healthcare professionals in educating patients on their condition, and provide patients with immediate round-the-clock support, helping to mitigate unnecessary clinic visits.

Abel Ang, Group Chief Executive of Advanced MedTech, said,“UroGPT™ is a breakthrough which serves the 50 million annual kidney stone patient visits to our online sites. UroGPT™ gives you straight-up, reliable information about your urological concerns. Not just medical jargon, but clear talk you can understand. That’s what patients want. That’s what we spend every second of every day obsessing about.»

Developed by Dornier MedTech, UroGPT ™ leverages an AI-powered Large-Language Model (LLM) that draws on an extensive database of resources within the WPE Wellness™ platform, offering medically approved guidance to help combat medical misinformation online. According to Dornier MedTech’s Global Urology Survey 2024, 92.1% of kidney stone patients surveyed indicated that they consider WPE Wellness™ to be equally, or even more reliable than top health information sources like WebMD and Healthline1. Fully HIPAA-compliant, patients can also be assured that the privacy and integrity of their health information is protected when using UroGPT™.

Additional studies to evaluate the positive impact of UroGPT™, assessing its effectiveness and ease-of-use among patients as well as the role of UroGPT ™ in supporting post-operative recovery are underway with both UCLA and Stanford University respectively, with findings to be issued in due course.

Dr. Joshua Stern, MD, Chief of Urology at Intermountain Health Park City Hospital, Chair of the AUA Research Appropriations Committee and early launch partner of UroGPT™ said: “UroGPT™ enables patients to access trusted and reliable kidney stone information delivered in a unique and compassionate voice. It is a great adjunct for patients to reinforce the information they get from their provider. The tool provides answers to questions about kidney stones, stents and surgery that are not only educational, but straightforward and patient-friendly.»

UroGPT™ will be on display at AUA 2024, San Antonio, May 3-6. Delegates attending the event can learn more about the urology sector’s pioneering AI tool by visiting Booth 943.


1 In a survey of 180 kidney stone patients from the ‘Worst Pain Ever’ community, 57.6% of kidney stone patients rate WPE Wellness as equally reliable; an additional 34.5% consider it more reliable than sources like WebMD and Healthline.



About Advanced MedTech Holdings

Advanced MedTech Holdings is a global medical technology leader with a core focus in urology devices and contract manufacturing services. The Group serves millions of patients and physicians in 100 countries worldwide. Advanced MedTech Holdings makes strategic investments in disruptive medical technology companies, strengthening its portfolio of healthcare solutions for customers around the world. Advanced MedTech Holdings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek. For more information on Advanced MedTech Holdings, please visit


About Dornier MedTech

Dornier MedTech is a medical device company headquartered in Munich, Germany, and is a full subsidiary of Advanced MedTech. As pioneers of the shockwave lithotripsy method and a leader in urological care, Dornier is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Through its deep-rooted spirit of entrepreneurship and excellence, Dornier continues to spearhead innovation in urology, developing some of the highest quality urological devices on the market today. Given its vast array of clients, Dornier is leading technology and improving life across the globe. For more information, visit

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