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After receiving more than 300 entries and 10,000 votes this year, we’re pleased to present our ESWL Heroes of 2021!

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Congratulations to Katsuro Tomiyasu, our Grand Winner of #ProudtoESWL 2021! Dr Katsurio shared about his experience treating a 1 year old girl with inline ultrasound ESWL, and even included helpful tips for ESWL users interested in the process. We were impressed by Dr Katsuro’s heartfelt storytelling and in-depth knowledge on inline ultrasound ESWL.

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A special mention to Ayman Shawehneh, our ESWL Impact Personality of the Year! In his entry, Ayman shared about going the extra mile for an ESWL patient, and we were thrilled to witness the strong support demonstrated by his patients during the voting round.

Read their winning entries below


The Dornier Proud to ESWL Contest (“#ProudtoESWL 2021”) is open to anyone above 18 years of age except for employees of Dornier MedTech or Advanced MedTech or their respective affiliates and the immediate family members of such employees. #ProudtoESWL 2021 is open for submission of entries from 7 February 2021 to 16 May 2021, 11:59pm EST. To submit a valid entry, participants must fulfil the participation conditions as stated above. #ProudtoESWL 2021 is not sponsored by Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Dornier MedTech reserves the right to disqualify invalid entries. All decisions by Dornier MedTech relating to #ProudtoESWL 2021 are final.  Only one (1) winner will be selected and announced on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in June 2021.  The Winner (“ESWL Hero”) of #ProudtoESWL 2021 will receive USD 5,000 in cash and a 3 Day 2 Night trip to Munich when travel is permitted, with the option to donate the prize(s) to a charity of his/her choice. The winner will be required to produce proof of identity before claiming the prizes.  All personal particulars furnished are meant for identification purposes and will not be given to any third parties. If the winner cannot be contacted and/or fails to respond within the stipulated time, or is not permitted to receive the contest prize due to their employment, profession or whatever reason, Dornier MedTech reserves the right to deal with any unclaimed prize in any manner it deems fit. All contestants release and discharge Dornier MedTech, its affiliates and representatives, against any and all liability, claims, demands or damages arising out of the participation in the contest or acceptance of any prize.

Dornier MedTech reserves the right to amend any these terms and conditions or terminate the contest at any time at its absolute discretion. Any revision to the terms and conditions will be posted on our website.

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Katsuro Tomiyasu Profile

Katsuro Tomiyasu


Yamashita Urology Clinic, Japan

I started ESWL in 1992 and have treated about 7,000 cases of urinary tract stones using MPL-9000, U/50 and Compact Sigma. In almost all cases, stones were detected by inline echo and treated under echo guidance. Stone detection by inline echo has a very long learning curve and requires a great deal of ingenuity, including body compression. This may have been possible because Japanese people are basically thin. If we could detect the stones by echo, we could monitor them constantly and treat them efficiently. It is possible to break stones with a small number of shock waves and no radiation exposure, making it a patient-friendly treatment.

I will never forget a case a 1year-old girl. The pediatric department consulted us, and we discussed the treatment method.

(Figure 1 X-rays taken before treatment)

Open surgery, URS, and ESWL were considered as possible treatment methods. The size of the stone was over 10mm in length and diameter, and it was expected to be difficult to treat.

The stone could be clearly confirmed even when urine was stored in the bladder by ultrasonography. Therefore, based on our previous experience with inline echo type of ESWL, we judged that the procedure could be safely performed and chose ESWL. Before this case, we had experience in treating children around 10 years old, and we knew empirically that stones were more easily broken by shock waves than in adults, which was another reason why we chose ESWL. We did not have enough data to know how much the ovaries, uterus, and intestinal tract would be affected by ESWL because the patient was a girl. However, we judged that safe lithotripsy was possible by reducing the area of the shock wave generator with a buffer material, careful treatment under constant ultrasound monitoring to prevent accidental irradiation, minimizing the shock wave energy, and setting the frequency of generation to 60 times per minute.

The treatment was performed with a Dornier lithotripter U/50 (in-line eco type). After general anesthesia was induced by an anesthesiologist, the patient was placed in a prone position and placed on a shock wave generator shielded by cushioning material, and the stone was probed by inline echo. It was easy to bring the stone into focus and treatment was started immediately. Fine adjustments were made while the surgeon moved the patient’s body by hand and monitored the monitor. The movement of the stone during the treatment also revealed the status of lithotripsy. The treatment was completed in about 20 minutes. There were no major problems after the patient awoke from the general anesthesia. After the treatment, there was no other complication, although gross hematuria was observed. The stone fragments started to pass on the first postoperative day, and a small amount of fragment was discharged daily.

(Figure 2 and 3)

When the patient visited the outpatient clinic on the second postoperative week, the stones had been completely drained and hydronephrotic had disappeared. The stone treatment was completed without any complications.

(Figure 4, 5 and 6: X-rays taken after treatment, the next day, 5 days later, and 14 days later)

Later, the pediatrician performed a systemic search and found no obvious underlying disease that could have caused stone formation. Stone analysis showed calcium oxalate stones.

Shock waves are an excellent energy source for medical use that was discovered by mankind in the 20th century. I am convinced that this energy has the potential to further improve treatment results by devising irradiation methods and routes of entry into the body. I hope that it will be used more effectively in the future to treat many people.

Ayman Shawahneh Profile

Ayman Shawahneh

Head of Lithotripsy

Al-kindi Hospital, Jordan

On this day and a year ago

And at the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus covid19

Cruel and severe measures were applied in all countries of the world

Quarantine closures social distancing
Declaration of a state of emergency
Travel ban stops aircraft
Extreme horror We are dealing with a dangerous and terrifying virus

The announcement of the defense law in Jordan to close the airspace

Failure to receive travelers, two days were given to start implementing the closure

Countries began sending planes to evacuate their citizens
A plane lands at Queen Alia Airport
The pilot suffers from renal colic

The pilot was sent by the Civil Defense to the emergency department

The pilot with renal colic

He was diagnosed with an 8 mm ureteral stone

The pilot refused to undergo any surgical intervention

The roads are closed, the army fills the streets
It is forbidden to move without a security permit

Permits were not issued
My house is about 40 km from the hospital I work in

A lonely, very cold night
I was requested to attend the fastest speed

I took the risk and attended
Pilot shock wave fragmentation performed

On the next day, after the descent of the stone, a new image was made

Things are very good and feels excellent and according to safety laws
The pilot and passengers were left

I am proud and very happy to have contributed to the provision of emergency patient care

This closure lasted more than four months

She faced many difficulties in moving around, as government hospitals and lithotripsy centers closed

We sent special cars to bring patients from their homes

Today, after a year, after I had the vaccine
I extend my full gratitude to the medical staff for their great effort

I am proud of my artistic work in lithotripsy to relieve the pain and suffering of patients


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