The World’s Largest Urology Patient Experience Survey Reports

Since our inception, Dornier MedTech has been committed to advancing urologic innovation and patient care. Worst Pain Ever® and Worst Prostate Ever®, our Kidney Stone and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia patient outreach initiatives, were borne out of this endeavor.

With more than 50 million patient and caregiver visits to our digital urology communities annually, we are closer to the patient than any other. By sharing valuable insights from our digital urology initiatives, we seek to help urologists bridge the gap between physician and patient perspectives. This is enabled through our Integrated Urology Platform (IUP) – which offers industry-leading capital equipment, consumables, clinical urology services and access to a connected digital community, to urologists; providing value-add across all elements of their practices.

Leveraging on our digital health approach, we reached out to patients in our communities to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences, and uncover potential opportunities for urologists to maximize their impact.

2023 Global
Urology Survey - Kidney Stones

Kidney stone patients are increasingly involved in their healthcare, which is changing their approach towards treatment decision-making.

From procedure requests to pain management preferences, we examine how rising patient autonomy is creating new opportunities for urologists to deliver patient-centric care.

2022 Global
Urology Survey - BPH

How can you better manage the newly-informed BPH patient?

Driven by advances in digital media and treatment technologies, BPH patient priorities and behaviors are rapidly evolving. We delve into the BPH patient experience to identify their emerging needs, and its potential impact on urology services.

2022 Global
Urology Survey - Kidney Stones

Discover the latest patient behavioral trends, key drivers behind patient decisions and opportunities to leverage these shifts to achieve better outcomes!

Learn more about our patient communities.

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2022 Global Urology Survey - BPH

Get the insights you need to drive better outcomes.

2022 Global Urology Survey - Kidney Stones

Get the insights you need to drive better outcomes.

2022 Global Urology Survey - Stones rénales

Obtenez les informations dont vous avez besoin pour générer de meilleurs résultats.

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