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The H100 at a glance.

All-in-one device

It’s expensive to buy two separate machines (a high-power laser and a morcellator) to perform HoLEP procedures. The H100 gives you both capabilities for a lower overall cost.

Oscillating morcellator

Oscillating morcellator knives have been shown to be faster and safer than reciprocating knives

An all-in-one solution.

2 In 1 H100

The H100 arms you with two powerful urological capabilities in one compact device. The unique combination of laser and auxiliary morcellation module facilitates efficient BPH treatment with a single device. This is truly an all-in-one solution for complete BPH treatment.

One machine with an integrated morcellator is more value-for-money than two separate machines for laser and morcellation.

Save on procedure time by not having to switch equipment to perform morcellation.

Operating staff needs to be trained on only one device instead of a laser device and a morcellator.

Built-in morcellator

The morcellation technique boasts an excellent morcellation rate of 13g/min*. The oscillating morcellation technique improves safety compared to the reciprocating technique.

The rolling ball phenomenon happens when hard smooth adenomatous nodules – often called crazy balls or beach balls – are difficult to morcellate; demanding additional OR time. Oscillating blades reduce the chances of this happening.

There is no need to swap out containers to empty out collected irrigation fluid. Irrigation fluid is elegantly piped straight into your drainage sink, with the tissue filtered out.

Iso Dornier Med Tech Morcillator Detail 3

Other benefits.


Nearly universal power compatibility with 1-phase power supply.


No need for container swaps as irrigation fluid is piped straight into your drainage.


A wide variety of high-quality laser fibers so you are prepared for any patient case. 


Three pedal footswitch allows hands free operation and easy switching between treatment modalities. For example, HoLEP and coagulation mode can be assigned to separate pedals. 


An ergonomic, bright touchscreen that is moveable and angle-adjustable.

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