Medilas H 140

Dornier Medilas H 140 LaserThis product is only available for sale in Europe at this time


  • The high-power and high-energy device delivers optimal treatment efficiency in endourology with 140 Watt power and up to 6 Joule energy
  • Its frequency of 100 Hertz ensures fast class dusting and cutting procedures
  • The Medilas H 140 is the only holmium laser that features an optional integrated morcellation module, enabling streamlined and economical BPH treatments



  • 140-watt holmium laser
  • Frequency of 100 Hertz
  • Optional, integrated morcellation module
  • Complete Dornier fiber portfolio
  • Split display screen usable with two pedal footswitch
  • Intended for a variety of soft and hard tissue surgical procedures


  • -Urology
    • HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate)
    • Urethrotomy (Treatment of Urethral Strictures)
    • Bladder neck incision (BNI) and Coagulation
    • Urinary Lithotripsy: Endoscopic fragmentation and pulverization of urethral, ureteral, bladder and renal stones


  • -Gastroenterology
    • Endoscopic fragmentation and pulverization of biliary/bile duct calculi



Discover what high power means for you:

  • Optional combination of laser and auxiliary morcellation module facilitates highly efficient BPH treatment with one single device—an all-in-one solution for complete HoLEP treatments
    • Specific suction and teeth geometry of the blade hold on tissue for morcellation, ensuring adenoma tissue is rarely lost
    • Low fluid consumptions keep the bladder filled during procedure and reduces the risk of perforation to the bladder wall
    • Variable suction speed helps remove any blockages in the knife
  • Reduced treatment time with the highest available power today—delivering extraordinary surgical precision and efficiency
  • Streamlined stone procedures with 100 Hertz fast class dusting
  • Enucleate and cut tissue with great efficiency, with simultaneous hemostatic effect due to high absorption of 2,100 nm wavelength in water
  • Treat prostate adenomas of virtually any size
  • Improved visibility during enucleation procedure with high energy pulses
  • Decrease stone movement during laser lithotripsy and improve hemostatic effect with long pulse durations
  • Choose between short, medium and long pulse length options


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