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Urology’s Finest Pfad 356
Dedicated for Urology

Offers the flexibility and confidence
urologists need for all kinds of urological
treatment procedures and diagnosis, with
excellent imaging quality.

Where Design Meets Functionality Line
1 Functionality
True 360° table access with free-standing treatment table. Unrivalled flexibility through C-arm parking position.
4 Functionality
High-resolution imaging from limitless angles with flexible C-arm.
2 Functionality
Full-ranged C-arm and table movements. Independent or with sophisticated synchronisation.
5 Functionality
Maximise system utilisation with wide spectrum of applications. Designed for urology, (interventional) radiology, gastroenterology and more.
3 Functionality
Raising new standards in radiation protection through the flexible positioning of x-ray tube under table.
6 Functionality
Ensure optimal uptime with DornierCare, a customer-focused service programme.
Urology Applications Pfad 356
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Extending new Dimensions Line
Extending New Dimensions
One Free table access
C-arm parking position with 90° swiveling.
Two Motorised free-standing table
Isocentric and non-isocentric Trendelenburg table tilting. Fully radiolucent table top made of carbon fibre.
Three 43 x 43 FPD with SID-hub
Detector-to-source flexibility captures KUB (Kidney-Ureter-Bladder) in one shot.
Four 21” monitors
Easy access view to monitors from any position; interfacing with additional equipment (e. g. endoscopes, ultrasound).
Five 80 kW advanced high frequency generator
High efficiency and distinguished performance.
Six Accessories shelf
Three compartments for surgical equipment.
More than urology – Pfad 356
a multi-purpose workstation
Utilising the best out of a
multifunctional system
Offering a wide range of applications outside of urology, the Nautilus is
designed to perform x-ray examinations in radioscopy, radiography and
diagnosis for:
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