Protect Your Flexible Scope: New Dornier GentleFlex® Holmium Laser Fiber Delivers the Confidence to Glide Through deflected Scopes

Wessling, Germany – 28. September 2016 –Dornier MedTech®, a global medical device company, introduced their latest innovation in laser lithotripsy. Known as the Dornier GentleFlex®, this is a specially-designed ball tip fiber. The Dornier GentleFlex® smooths the passage of the laser fiber through a deflected scope. The Dornier GentleFlex® was revealed at the Annual Congress Más información…


  • European Association of Urology (EAU)

    16 marzo 2018 - 20 marzo 2018

    Bella Center Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, Dinamarca

  • Challenges in Endourology 8th International Meeting

    17 junio 2018 - 19 junio 2018

    Hotel Occura – Challenges in Endourology

    Amsterdam, Países Bajos