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Dornier Digital Solutions

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Dornier Digital Solutions
Dornier 5G features our industry-leading solutions that enable every generation of urologists to best serve their patients.

Dornier 5G


Dornier Digital Solutions,

we are leveraging on the latest technologies to enhance our system capabilities and optimise your treatment outcomes.


Dornier takes pride in being a leader in Urology, and a pioneer in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL). We empower our urologists to optimise treatment outcomes and procedural efficiency, through our latest integrated software offerings, including UIMS™, OptiVision™, SmartLitho™ (coming soon) and more.
Dornier Digital Solutions UIMS softare

Highest security standard

UIMS™*, our intelligent urology software, offers the highest security standard for your peace of mind.
Dornier Digital Solution Opti Vision

Superior, clear imaging

Expect even more precise stone localisation and greater image clarity with OptiVision™**, the only image post processing software tailored for urology.

Dds Landing Page V12 Greater Connectivity

Greater connectivity

Our upcoming lithotripter system can be seamlessly integrated with hospital systems, for easy data reporting.
Dds Landing Page V12 Increased Uptime

Increased Uptime

Real-time remote monitoring capabilities ensure prompt trouble-shooting and minimal downtime for your ESWL device. Stay tuned for our upcoming SmartLitho™** solution.
*Compatible with Dornier Delta III.
**OptiVision and SmartLitho are only available with UIMS.
Dornier Aires App - Journal
Compatible with Dornier Aries 2 and available on most mobile devices.

Aries Journal App

Enhanced User Experience
The Aries Journal app is the first mobile application in ESWT to offer data integration and visualization, for a truly efficient workflow.

In addition to eliminating the hassle of manual documentation, the Journal app also allows you to generate graphical reports and discover
insights about your patient’s treatment. Drive better patient engagement by sharing these reports securely with them, directly from the app.

With the Journal app, treatment information is always accessible –

anytime, anywhere.

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