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About Dornier - Leading Urological Medical Device Company


Dornier MedTech, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a medical device company known for its pioneering technologies and revolutionary therapies in urology. Thanks to its deep rooted spirit of entrepreneurship, excellence and innovation, Dornier thrives while developing some of the highest quality urology products on the market today.

As one of the original founders of the Urology Care Foundation (formerly known as the American Foundation for Urologic Diseases), Dornier works closely with physicians, healthcare providers and research groups to ensure their products have the highest level of medical and scientific efficacy.

Given their vast array of clients including hospitals, surgical centers, teaching universities, private and public urology practices, and mobile providers, when it comes to urology, Dornier is leading technology and improving life all across the globe.

Claude Dornier Inventor of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)


Dornier was founded by Claude Dornier. Born in Bavaria in 1884, Dornier graduated from the Technical University in Munich in 1907. Soon employed as a scientific adviser, Dornier began fundamental research and design. His early findings laid the cornerstone for the evolution of metal aircraft. As part of the Dornier team’s on-going research in aerospace technology, they discovered a previously unexplained phenomenon. Pitting was taking place on the surface of an aircraft as it approached the sound barrier – a unique occurrence caused by the shock wave created in front of a droplet of moisture. This finding, coupled with close collaboration among hospitals and Dornier’s development laboratories, resulted in the company’s invention of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL®). To date, millions of people around the globe have been successfully treated using Dornier’s break-through discovery.

Mission & Vision at Dornier MedTech, a Leading Urological Medical Device Company


We are a pioneering company serving the global medical community. With a strong emphasis on our core competencies in technology and operations, our organization aims to continue improving worldwide health through our innovative, safe and reliable products and services. By maintaining thorough and thoughtful business practices, we endeavor to better serve patients, our customers and the medical community.


We strive to be the leading organization that continuously develops advanced medical solutions that are technologically proven and beneficial to the improvement of the medical well-being of the community.

Values at Dornier MedTech, a Leading Urological Medical Device Company


Dornier believes in fostering a culture of science, innovation and reliability in its people, products and services. These values serve as a compass that guide us towards meeting our everyday commitment of driving science and restoring health. Our values focus on:

Authentic Leadership

  • Leads with a high level of integrity and respect for people.
  • Creates an environment where colleagues at all levels are able and expected to act in an open and honest way.
  • Holds self and team accountable for collaborating to achieve the best results.
  • Communicates vision and direction and enables team to get there.


  • Working together to embrace multiple ideas and create better solutions.
  • Shares own knowledge and is open to learning and feedback from others.
  • Respect and value those we work with, and the contribution they make.


  • Be accountable for failure as well as success and not to allocate blame. Takes ownership and responsibility for our actions and inaction.
  • Create and provide solutions for clients and customers that balance the short and long term.
  • Considers whether they are doing the right thing and acts with courage when faced with challenge.


  • Open to new ideas and creates new thinking/action. Goes out of the box to explore innovative solutions and ideas, not stay on the narrow path.
  • Strives to surpass clients’ and customers’ expectations. Ensures one finds way to have positive impact on customers, colleagues, and the external community.
  • Seeks to make improvements to own work and others’ work and when appropriate, makes the fundamental changes.


  • Sets increasingly high standards for self and team, while providing the support needed to achieve these.
  • Demonstrates our high standards and values within the organization and to our customers in our products and services.
  • Puts practices in place where great delivery and mistakes are shared, and everyone can learn from them.
  • Providing products and services of the highest quality to all our internal and external customers.

Environmental Consciousness

Furthermore, as an organization we:

  • Focus on needs of our patients, physicians, and partners.
  • Listen to our customers and the market to stay ahead.
  • We think locally and globally
  • Are insatiably curious
  • Inject a sense of urgency in everything we do
  • Are open and responsive to change
  • Remain responsive to change
  • Work ethically and efficiently
  • Reward our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems.

Solvo 35 Design and Engineering Team



Dornier MedTech’s global energy can be felt soaring across the hearts of our customers, the faces of our staff, and the minds of our industry peers all across the world. Dornier believes in fostering a culture of science, innovation and reliability in its people, products and services. These values serve as a compass that guides us towards meeting our everyday commitment to leading technology and improving life.

What’s it like to work at Dornier MedTech? It’s fun! We’re passionate about our products and our work, as you’ll see from the following video:

Watch this video celebrating the launch of our Medilas H Solvo 35 Laser!

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