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RetroPerc™ Retrograde Percutaneous Nephrostomy System

Gain precise percutaneous access to the kidney by means of controlled fine wire puncture from within the collecting system.

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RetroPerc™ Advantages

Puncture the relatively avascular papilla under direct vision in perfect alignment with the infundibulum.

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Avoid Infundibular Injury.

Position your nephrostomy dilation and sheath position in perfect alignment with the infundibular long axis. Offering maximal protection of infundibulum.


Supine Position.

Ideal for supine position - maintain endoscopic access from above and below.


Reduced Radiation.

Dramatically reduces exposure for patient and surgical team.

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Full Control.

Through and through access - never lose control of nephrostomy tract.


Single Procedure.

Allows the nephrostomy tract creation and PCNL to be performed as one procedure.



A Natural Extension of Flexible Ureteroscopy.

RetroPerc™ System

  • Set Includes

    • Specialized Puncture Wire

    • Radiopaque TFE Sheath with locking

    • Exchange Catheter with Inner Dilator

    • Part Number: RP91-01
      Includes 3 sets per box

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