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Why Thulio

100W High Power Advanced Thulium Laser with RealPulse® Technology

55% more control 1 with CAPTIVE® MODE
Dornier’s proprietary fragmenting mode offers virtually no retropulsion

Driving the best fragmenting experience

3X faster in SPEED
300 Hz frequency with excellent fine dusting capabilities 3

1 laser for all your needs
Our most compact 100 W laser for stone management and BPH treatment

RealPulse® Tm:YAG

Dornier Thulio’s proprietary RealPulse® technology offers the shortest pulses and highest peak power among other Thulium lasers.

Optimized for dusting, fragmenting and enucleation performance.

New Thulium Laser Technology:
The Secret of RealPulse®

We reimagined Thulium laser technology by integrating the features you value most - peak performance, versatility in clinical applications and smart design.
By combining a Tm:YAG laser crystal with our pulsed diode technology, RealPulse® was invented to offer the best of all worlds.
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Safe and Precise

Experience targeted and controlled laser treatment with our groundbreaking pulsed Tm:YAG technology.

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Big in Power, Small in Size

Our unique alignment and diode control, delivers this powerful 100W laser in a drastically reduced package.

Thulio offers an extensive range of settings (e.g. up to 300 Hz).

The One Solution for All Treatment Needs

Full flexibility and choice, with a large variety of laser settings for treatment success

Mobile Thulio 1
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Dusting Mode
Fragmenting Mode@2x
Captive Fragmenting 2@2x
Enucleation Mode@2x
Soft Tissue Mode@2x

Embrace Peak Performance

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Powerful andCompact100 watts ofpower in a small, convenientfootprintLightweight and highly portable forease of use
Ergonomic andUser-Friendly DisplayUser-Friendly DisplayEasy-to-navigate interface with large, rotatable touchscreen Effortlessly toggle between pre-selected settings using dual footswitch and split-screen interface
Smart, DualFootswitchSwitch seamlesslyfrom one pre-definedmode to anotherEasily adjustparameter settings with the ergonomic footswitch
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Powerful and Compact

100 watts of power in a small, convenient footprint

Lightweight and highly portable for ease of use

Ergonomic and User-Friendly Display

Easy-to-navigate interface with large, rotatable touchscreen

Effortlessly toggle between pre-selected settings using dual footswitch and split-screen interface

Smart, dual footswitch

Switch seamlessly from one pre-defined mode to another

Easily adjust parameter settings with the ergonomic footswitch

Dornier Performance FlexFiber Collection

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Dornier Thulio’s fiber portfolio covers a wide range of sizes and various designs to meet all needs and preferences. Built for precision and optimal energy transmission, our fibers support your treatment goals.
In addition, the popular Performance GentleFlex fiber features a rounded distal tip that protects your flexible endoscope during insertion.
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Product availability and specifications may vary between regions. Please speak to a local representative to find out more.


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2 Compared to Thulium Fiber Laser, data on file

3 Petzold, R., Miernik, A., & Suarez-Ibarrola, R. (2021). In Vitro Dusting Performance of a New Solid State Thulium Laser Compared to Holmium Laser Lithotripsy. J Endourol, 35(2), 221-225.

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