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Relaxendo Delta3


The World’s Bestselling Lithotripter, the Compact Delta®II, just got better. The Dornier Delta®III offers Powerful IMAGING, Maximized ENERGY, and Enhanced EFFICIENCY to support urologists in relieving kidney stones in patients and improving the bottom line of their business.

OptiCouple®: Clearing the way to better treatment

Opticouple 8 2 (2)

Dornier’s unique solution to optimizing the coupling process makes treatments 43% more effective

Only Dornier offers Optical Coupling Control, relying on an integrated camera in the therapy head to provide visual information on air inclusions in the coupling interface. The removal of air bubbles in the coupling gel is paramount to effective, efficient treatment. Disruptions in the coupling gel can considerably impair the disintegrating ability of the shock wave, and may even result in side effects such as petechiae.

Proper coupling aided by Dornier OptiCouple® optimizes shock wave treatment so urologists can treat better, faster.

Dornier Delta® III now comes with: Power Drive

An integrated solution for easy transport

The Power Drive is exclusive to the Dornier Delta® III, the world’s best selling lithotripter. Featuring transportation, Efficiency and Mobility, the Power Drive presents an integrated approach to transporting the Dornier Delta® III

Dornier Delta Iii Photo Power Drive Taylor Pushing Uphill 2018

Powerful imaging.

D3 4x Power

4X More Power*

A 15kW X-ray generator offers enhanced imaging flexibility and image quality. With the Delta III, ESWL becomes a viable option even for larger patients.

*compared to the Delta II

D3 Imaging Modes

2 Imaging Modes

Every case is different. The option of using either (or both) ultrasound and x-ray means that you can customize and implement the best imaging modality for each and every patient.

D3 Ultrasound

Updated Isocentric Arm

Aside from the FarSight® inline ultrasound, the Delta III® comes with a detachable isocentric ultrasound arm.

Offering optimized movement rangers and ergonomics, it allows for real-time monitoring of the disintegration process from alternate angles.

Maximized energy.

Maximized Energy 1

The Delta III offers an enhanced therapy head with maximized energy to ensure the treatment of more stones in more patients. Maximized energy means better outcomes.

EMSE 180:
Gives a larger effective area of evergy with ESWL proven to treat more stones, more effectively with a lower quantity of shock waves needed.

A larger range of energy allows custom treatment for every patient.

The New EMSE 180 features a larger penetration depth of 170mm to treat larger patients.

Enhanced efficiency.

Transport Mode 1


A flexible O.R. is an effective O.R. In Transport Mode, the C-arm bow swivels back into the shock wave unit for a slimmer, more compact profile.

The Delta III can then be easily transported in, out and within the facility.

D3 Hand Control


Operate the lithotripter, table and X-ray C-arm with the Hand Controller.
Advanced, isolated movements like therapy head traversal, operating table tilt, X-Ray C-arm rotation are at your fingertips for convenient, precise control.

The button along the right side of the controller releases shock waves when depressed.


120+ Degrees of Access

The wide range of access afforded by the Delta III makes it easy to target any stone whilst maintaining patient comfort.

The therapy head support rotates to overtable or undertable configurations, effectively allowing for more than 120 degrees of access.


Urologist Paul Verhagen on how the Delta® III’s unique features get the job done when it comes to pulverizing kidney stones.

Tanya M. Wolffenbuttel, ESWL Team Head of the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam) on how the Delta® III’s unique features get the job done when it comes to pulverizing kidney stones.

Dr. Lin from Gilbert, Arizona gives his brief but frank review of the Dornier Compact Delta® III Lithotriptor.

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